Directed by Drew Langer

Written by Drew Langer and Marin Miller

Running time: 2:44 min

Genre: Comedy


A brief, self-reflective journey into an irresistible world of seduction and passion.  Or something like that.

Short films

The 30 Day Challenge

Written and Directed by Drew Langer

Running time: 29:49 min

Genre: Comedy


John and Janet's marital problems hit a peak when their pastor suggests they try having sex every day for a month.

Winner: "Best Actress in a Short Film" L.A. Comedy Festival 2011

Whether You Like It Or Not

Directed by Wes Edwards

Written by Marin Miller

Running Time: 6:12 min

Genre: Comedy/Musical

Charlotte Schapin has finally found her Mr. Right and won't take no for an answer in this fast-talkin' 40's inspired musical romp.

Winner: "Best Actress in a Short Film" L.A. Comedy Festival 2014

Wander Woman

Written and Directed by Tyler Dunning Evans

Running Time: 13:31min

Genre: Drama

Deanna is travelling solo across the country with a mouse for a companion, a past she doesn't want to face and a power she doesn't want to own.  Some heroes run.

The Kiss