The 30 Day Challenge -trailer
Whether You Like It Or Not -teaser

Year of production: 2011

Running time: 1:10 min

Genre: Comedy


John and Janet are a conservative, religious couple who's pastor has told them the sure-fire way to fix their lifeless marriage is to have sex everyday for a month.

Winner, "Best Actress in a Short FIlm," L.A. Comedy Festival, 2011

Year of production: 2013

Running time: 0:43 min

Genre: Comedy, Musical


Charlotte Schapin has finally found her "Mr. Right" and won't take no for an answer.  The dialogue's fast, the gal's faster, and the relationship progresses at ludicrous speed in the 1940's-inspired musical romp.

Winner, "Best Actress in a Short FIlm," L.A. Comedy Festival, 2014

Winner, "People's Choice Award," Artlightenment Film Festival, 2013

Clips & Trailers

Wander Woman -teaser

Year of Production: 2014

Running time: 1:58 min

Genre: Drama, Action


Deanna is traveling solo across the country, with a mouse for a companion, a past she doesn't want to face, and power she doesn't want to own.  Some heroes run.

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil -clip

Year of Production: 2014

Running time: 1:50 min

Genre: Comedy


After a 20-year hiatus, veteran rocker Steve Taylor returns to the music scene ready to make an album with his band, The Perfect Foil. But first, he has to go to the DVM (that's Department of Music Veterans) to renew his License to Rock.

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 00:53 min

Genre: Comedy

Surly waitress Brenda makes a comeback at local not-so-hot-spot.

STILL THE KING- season 2 episode 10
STILL THE KING- season 1 episode 3 

Year of Production: 2016

Running Time: 00:32 min

Genre: Comedy

Brenda serves up some food and 'tude at Tepid's Lukewarm Grill.

BLACKISH- season 2 episode 1

Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 00:24 min

Genre: Comedy

The elementary school secretary delivers some less-than-great news to Dre.

RECTIFY- season 2 episode 3

Year of Production: 2014

Running Time: 1:09 min

Genre: Drama

Tensions rise as loan officer Gretchen Geer sits down with Ted Jr. to go over the numbers.